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Date:  1/17/2017, 7:51 pm, EST
Name:  Oldguy
Number:  54
Yeah the good ole basket crunchers. They were originally single processor baskets. Then they became 2 baskets with dual processors. I had a couple of those. They both finally failed so I built a basket quad core to take up the work. Now that SOB has gone kaput I've shut it all down.

Was a lot of fun when it was happening but it is pretty much over without a team.

Date:  11/15/2016, 9:57 pm, EST
Name:  Mongoose
Number:  53
I think it expires around the beginning of next year. Like April or something. Yes i miss those days. I used to had 7 crunchers running SETI@home. Oh I remember the basket crunchers those were the best!
And the raffles and the shirt.

Date:  11/7/2016, 8:51 pm, EST
Name:  Searching
Number:  52
When does it expire?

I'll pick it up and renew it. Maybe I'll even throw up a phpBB board or something along those lines...although you are right, I think the team at this point is dead for the most part and it is just nostalgia for the remaining few.

I do agree with most that I really do miss those days. It was a lot of fun being part of the team, the conversations, tweaking the systems, and putting all of our muscle behind one project, crushing the rest of the teams.

If you remember, we even had rotating 'basket crunchers', which I believe was four computers stacked on top of each other crunching away.

Oh well. I still feel like we should keep it alive and I am more than willing to do so.

Date:  11/7/2016, 2:14 pm, EST
Name:  Mongoose
Number:  51
Yes Searching I still do but the domain will be going away but this board will still be open
Barely anyone comes here I think just 3 people. Which just isn't enough to keep the domain going.

Date:  10/28/2016, 11:23 pm, EST
Name:  Searching
Number:  50

Are you still checking this board?

Date:  8/11/2016, 1:11 pm, EST
Name:  Mongoose
Number:  49
So SOB is done well that's sad. Thanks oldguy for trying to do what u can. I understand your lack of interest because I also have the same lack of interest. I was hoping that the US-D team would come back to this site but maybe too much time has past.
Well at the end of this year I'll let the domain expire However I'll keep this guestbook going(since it's free) and that's it So bookmark this site

Thanks again Oldguy for coming back ever once in a while
Take care of yourself

Date:  7/26/2016, 8:58 pm, EST
Name:  Oldguy
Number:  48
Well, AG5BPilot, posted that SOB is officially kaput. It seems there was too much data lost.

He encourages joining prime grid on behalf of SOB.

I think at this point in time it is likely best for me to call an end to my involvement in distributed computing. While the projects have been interesting the rewards are rather fleeting and seemingly more often than not the projects themselves don't have the staying power to get to an end point.

While I did what I could to keep US-D in the forefront of at least 1 project. Given the passage into history of that project, and my general lack of interest for doing any further projects, it is time for me to say goodbye to this community. It has been a fun ride but the folks that made it interesting have long since left.

I applaud your "sticktoitness" Mongoose and wish you well in your future project endeavors.

Take care all!

Date:  6/14/2016, 10:25 am, EST
Name:  Oldguy
Number:  47
Yes. That was all I was crunching. For now my electric bill will be a little less. ;-)

Date:  6/12/2016, 2:09 pm, EST
Name:  Mongoose
Number:  46
17 or bust that sucks that was your main thing you were crunching wasn't it?

Date:  5/12/2016, 4:20 pm, EST
Name:  Oldguy
Number:  45
It looks like the Seventeen or Bust project has crashed. More specifically it is reported that the data center crashed taking the project with it. No decision yet as to the future of the project.

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